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Henan Hongye Chemical Company Ltd was established in 1998, a comprehensive group corporation combined with scientific, industrial and trading sectors, located in the national-level garden city, civilized and hygiene city—Puyang. The national highway 106 through the entire boundary, near Jing-Jiu Railway in the east and Jing-Guang Railway in the west, it is only 200km to both Jinan and Zhengzhou international airport, the traffic is very convenient. Now we are the leading professional manufacturer and supplier of Thiourea dioxide and pulp bleaching agent FAS and the world’s largest production base of Furfuryl alcohol. We can produce 50000MT Thiourea Dioxide (Formamidine sulfinic acid) and bleaching agent FAS, 100000MT Sodium Percarbonate, 100000MT Furfuryl Alcohol , 20000MT Furfural and 20000MT Hydrogen Peroxide per year. At the same time, We also can supply TAED(Tetraacetylethylenedianine),Thiourea,Melamine, Zinc Oxide, Titanium dioxide, Rubber Accelerator, Methyl Cellulose(MC),Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose,2-Ethyl Anthraquinone and paper chemicals, textile chemicals, detergent chemicals, Abrasives,Crafts, chemical machinery,etc. We have get certificate of ISO9001:2000 & ISO14001,We have right to Imp.& Exp. Directly.
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