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Harta: Localizare pe harta Romaniei
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Hristo Botev, , Bucuresti
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  0735 834 200
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Welcome to Gentlemen's massage club.

Although we are surrounded nowadays by many things with erotic connotations, we still consider some joyful experiences as taboo. Considering that the human fundamental energy is the sexual one, energy which needs to be amplified and refined, the ancient orient philosophers developed the art of touching, the art of the erotic massage. The tactile stimulation is a sort of body language, often more efficient then communication through words.

 Gentlemen's massage club - a foray into taboo area , of pleasure and delight.

Discreet location, beautiful girls and high class services. Also, Gentlemen's massage club is hosting the best private parties, and unforgettable bachelor-parties.


Call 0735-834-200 to reserve a massage appointment today.

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